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Study and Career Options for Engineering Graduates


You thought clearing the entrance exam for your dream engineering college was tough. Then came in your college life and you thought that this was it, there is nothing more though than completing your engineering degree. The fact is that you are still in store for the most difficult decisions of all times, “What to do once I complete my Engineering Degree?” Although it is a question of grave importance, but remember that this too shall pass.

The decision is tough not because of there is any sparse in the number of options you have but because you stand now at the crossroads of options, options which are difficult to comprehend and choose from. The fact that this not a decision that you should bog you down too much. No one knows you better than yourself. Taking advice, reading, collect information, talk to seniors but most importantly keep your interest in mind. Making a decision of you need to do once your engineering degree is complete might be tough but it most certainly is not rocket science.

Options after completing Engineering Degree:

There are a whole lot of options you can explore once you are done with your engineering degree. The major choices would be ranging between opting for a higher degree and doing a job. But nonetheless let us discuss the options in-front of you.

Plan for M. Tech/ M.E. degree: If your interest actually lies in the field you had opted for and it wasn’t a forced decision then the sanest of all options would direct you towards a master’s in technology or engineering. The fact that it is always better to opt for Masters is also something which will reflect on your profile once you start looking for a job.

Campus Placements/ look for a job: The safest of all options would be to sit for your campus placements. There is no better option, especially if you think that by now you are too tired of your routine and the course. Other than that, there is no better time to plan your career than now. You can also at later stage think of pursuing higher studies.

MBA: The world is doing it, why not you. But do not do it because of the sole purpose of pursuing MBA, because people around you have opted for it. Also, the contradiction to this is, that do not drop the idea of doing a MBA because too many people around you are doing so. Some of the common papers you can appear for are CAT, MAT, XAT, CMAT, and many more. If you think you can crack the examination, go ahead. You can specialize in a field of choice. Although the most heard of might be Sales, Marketing and HR but there are a couple of others which are just as good. You would have the option of International Relations, Finance, Operations, and many others.

Opt for a Diploma: In a world of endless possibilities you can also think of doing a diploma. There are diploma courses available for Aeronautics, Automotive, Robotics, Ethical Hacking, Protocol Testing and many others like this. You can search for a diploma of your choice. These courses will particularly train you in a certain field and most probably make you an expert on the same.

Become an Entrepreneur: You think you want to be your own boss? Venture out; think of starting your own business. But know this, that the idea of taking care of a start up is more difficult than you can imagine right now. You will be solely responsible for the success or failure in your business. There is a lot of know-how also you should be equipped with also. The lesser known fact is that the best of bosses need to be able to do the work they delegate themselves. Think carefully before you decide on this option.

Study Abroad: This option is one that can change more than your career prospects, the inkling of studying abroad will change a lot around you. The study options abroad are huge; there are a variety of subjects, courses, institutes, universities to choose from. You will the option of choosing from a plain Jane Master’s to integrated courses along with which you can choose from the scholarship programs as well.

Explore your interests: If you think that this is it, you will never be thinking of engineering again and the past some years of your life have been your worst nightmare; it is time to start thinking on the lines of things you like. It is never too late to start doing the things you like. Explore your talent, hobbies, likes, interests and things that send a spark down your eyes. Your decision could be as random and as interesting as you want it to be. Preparing for the civil services, playing the guitar, picking up course not minutely related to engineering; joining the army, doing humanitarian work, think out of the box. The world is comprised of never ending alternatives.

Think and make a decision, in the end anything you choose you will be able to make a difference not because of the choice but because you chose to work hard and be diligent enough to make a difference.