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Do you know why reputed schools recommend us?

When students approach their school authorities, seeking information about higher education, schools do not have any hesitation in recommending us. Over the years they have tried and tested us and now they are fully satisfied in recommending us. In fact, we have been appointed as ‘External Advisors’ by select schools.

We bring faculty members from international universities and conduct seminars in the schools, where the students can interact with the faculty members and know everything about the courses they would like to pursue.

We arrange information sessions in schools in which admission officials from international universities participate and clarify the students’ queries regarding admission procedure, eligibility, infrastructure, culture, climate, employment opportunities etc. This helps the students gain comprehensive knowledge about the universities they would like to join.


We organize career fairs in schools where we bring the industry experts and get them answer all the questions the students have in choosing a particular career. This first-hand information from the industry experts helps the students analyze whether they possess the necessary traits required to succeed in a particular career and help them choose a career that fully utilizes their natural talents.