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UK leads on international student satisfaction – Study


The United Kingdom is the global leader in high-quality undergraduate education for international students, with international undergraduate students rating the UK number one for student satisfaction, ahead of the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany and New Zealand, the research found.

The UK also “excels in teaching and learning”, according to research released by the UK Higher Education International Unit at Universities UK.

However, it also notes that the US and Canada are enjoying faster growth in market share of international undergraduate students than the UK.

The research, International Undergraduate Students: The UK’s competitive advantage, which examines the changes that have occurred between 2008 and 2014, shows that international undergraduate student satisfaction with UK higher education is very high at 91% and satisfaction has increased in every area of the learning experience.

It found that 85% of international undergraduates who study in the UK would recommend the UK experience to others; the highest recommendation rate of all of the major English-speaking destinations.

UK universities have seen improvements in international student satisfaction across 75 of 84 measures. The report says that the UK has the highest satisfaction ratings among its competitors for all the dimensions of the student experience: overall satisfaction, learning, living, support and arrival experience.

“Notably it excels against its competitors in teaching and learning, with the highest rating for 15 of 23 measures of the teaching and learning experience, and has increased satisfaction since 2007 in every single area of the learning experience,” the report says.

It also has higher satisfaction with the cost of living than its main rivals.

Universities and Science Minister Jo Johnson said the results show that international students “can expect a truly world leading standard of teaching and learning” when they come to the UK. “International students are very welcome in the UK and play an important role in making our education system one of the best in the world. Our higher education reforms are putting students at the heart of the system, making sure that all students are getting a high-quality education wherever they are from,” he said.