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What a journey it has been! Our essay brainstorming sessions, worrying over SAT scores and school grades, Elocution stories, continuous tweaking of essays, strategizing and so much more.

It was a routine affair to enter your office with anxiety but leave relaxed, having been put at ease with your comforting words. Seldom do you find a counselor who manages to lift your spirits and look at the positives in every situation. I admired the manner in which you skillfully extracted information out of us and churned it to craft a cracker of an essay. I cannot begin to imagine tackling the “University Admissions Battle” without your continuous support, warmth and reassuring smile.

From our very first session in the summer of 2011 to last week as I sat in your office declining offers, it has been a roller coaster ride, but I am glad to have emerged victorious, satisfied and above all grateful at the end of this journey. There is so much that I have learned from you and I hope that through my frequent rants about Elocution, I have instilled within you a fraction of my passion for Elocution!

Thank you so much!

Nikita Philip, University of California   ,  Bachelor of Engineering
Berkeley  ,  Dec - 2013