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Week 4: Five ways to get ready for University!!!


Going to university is a big deal for any student. It might mean moving away from home, leaving friends and family, or getting back into study as a mature student after taking a few years out. But there are ways you can begin to tackle the transition before you even set foot on campus.

1. Get clued up on your degree
If you’re feeling anxious about starting your new course, try to find out as much information as possible. To get a feel for the course you could contact current students that are already enrolled and studying within your area of interest. Additionally, most university degrees have their own social media presence that you can connect with. Current university students often create Facebook groups that you can join to gain an insider perspective and start making new friends before your own course even starts.

2. Continue to build on your skills
You can aim to get ahead with your reading and start to develop the skills required for university study well before your first day. To do so, you can contact your lecturers and request a reading list so that you can start to explore your subject and begin to develop a knowledge and understanding.

3. Enjoy yourself (but it’s not all about the new lifestyle)
Make the most of the university induction process and approach the academic as well as the social sessions that are organised for you. While studying, you need to ensure that you manage your time effectively as unfortunately no one else will be doing it for you. It’s useful to create a timetable where you include all of your activities, including cooking and laundry, so that you can effectively manage your days – this will be a useful skill throughout your time at university, and beyond.

4. Make best use of your lecturers
Lecturers are not scary people. Instead, think of them as advocates who want to support you to achieve your greatest potential and get a good degree. If you have a question, make an effort to ask it. Your lecturers can also be an invaluable source of support if you have any pastoral concerns, so make yourself known to them. Later on you may wish to ask your lecturer for a reference, so it’s important that they know who you are, your characteristics, what your work quality is like and how you stand-out among your fellow students.

5. Remember: you are not alone
Everyone is going through the same transition in one way or another. Talk to your friends, family and your place of study about any concerns you may have.