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CBSE schools to introduce e-learning soon


Schools affiliated to CBSE in Ranchi will soon start their classes in the e-learning mode. The schools have recently received a circular from the board, notifying its plans to start e-learning for its students from class VIII to class XII.

AK Singh, the principal of Jawahar Vidhya Mandir in Shyamali said that although they have received the notification, but the schools still lack a clear idea about e-learning. But, there is certainly no doubt that the CBSE’s move will benefit the tech savvy generation, who prefer computers over books.

Sources from CBSE office recently confirmed that five agencies have been hired to provide the requisite study materials. The agency will also offer both online and offline study materials to the students. According to Singh, under the new system, students now have to purchase e books in the same way they were required to buy text books. The books will be very affordable – ranging from INR 150 to INR 200.

The city of Ranchi, at present is a home to few schools having audio video classes for students of class IX and above. The demands for these schools are really very high as students find the audio visual modes easy to learn and remember.

The recent decision by the CBSE will certainly prove to be of immense help to the students as seeing and learning from something is easier to learn than reading from the book.