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An additional admission criteria creates confusion among students


Admission criteria set by Lady Shri Ram College, in addition to the already high cut-off marks in the first list issued by the Delhi University; has left many students disappointed after they failed to make it in the first cut off list.

The “additional criteria” set by the college authorities now require that students opting for a particular course must have studied the particular subject up to standard XII. The marks obtained in that subject have to be included while calculating a student’s best of four subjects. Failing to meet the criteria would mean that 2 percent negative weightage would be added to a student’s actual score card in order to comply with college cut-off requirements.

In addition, the colleges are also free to modify or change these criteria to meet their respective requirements for admissions into their 3 year undergraduate courses.

Apparently, the worst hit were students opting for the Journalism (Hons) course. The minimum cut off required to make it to the first list was 96 percent this year. However, the criteria set by the college, requiring students to have studied the subject in XII standard or incur a 2 percent penalty has left students confused as Journalism as a subject is not a part of the syllabus of Indian schools.

Reportedly, the cut off list issued by the college is not the actual list, but in fact the effective list which is tabled after the additional deductions and calculations of the additional criteria are taken in to account. This had lead to a drop in the minimum cut offs when compared to previous academic years.

Students will now have no choice other than opting for other colleges and/or wait for the second list, or select other courses. For the ones for whom the college is more important than the course, the only way forward is to opt for other courses and in effect hope for a drop in the cut offs issued in the second list so that they can migrate to the course of their choice.