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You too can get Scholarships and Bursaries

Are you planning to study in a reputed international university but worried about the tuition fees? Don’t. Excellence is always rewarded by universities so that brilliant students can pursue their higher education without any difficulty.

Scholarships, Grants, Awards and Bursaries are precious resources of financial assistance that could significantly reduce the cost of university education. The wonderful fact about these financial aids is that you don’t have to repay this money unlike an educational loan.

Scholarships are awarded based on merit rather than financial need. But grants, awards and bursaries are awarded based on financial need, academic excellence, outstanding performance in sports and other special talents.

Apart from universities and governments, trusts, charities, private institutions, religious institutions and even individuals provide scholarships, grants and awards. We can help you with the latest information on the criteria and procedure for availing these financial assistance so that you do not miss out any opportunity.