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Career Counselling
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Often times, students choose a particular field of study based on employment opportunities or to satisfy their parents’ wishes. Result, sometimes they drop out and sometimes they change the field of study midstream. It leads to wastage of valuable time and money. Even if they do complete their course, they are neither happy nor successful in their career.


For example, the skills required to become a top aviation engineer are different from the skills required to become a top electronics engineer. The skills required to become a top surgeon are different from the skills required to become a top physician. If the right field of study is not selected, it leads to wrong career choice. If the right career choice is not made, it results in frustration to the individual and loss to the society.


Career counselling will bring out one’s natural mental abilities and deliver an accurate picture of one’s personality profile.


The traits revealed in the personality profile are compared with the skills essential to different careers. This matching reveals the most suitable careers that fit one’s personality traits.